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In some cases, sovaldi sale an employer cannot fire or refuse to hire a person based upon his/her criminal background.

Dion & Goldberger represents many clients who were fired because they committed a felony, see misdemeanor or summary offense, illness or have an arrest record. In most of the cases that we accept, we have been able to recover damages for these clients.  We have also obtained recovery for clients who were terminated, or rejected for employment, because the employer mistakenly believed that the employee or applicant had a criminal record.  In certain states, including Pennsylvania, statutes have been enacted to prevent employers from engaging in such conduct. These statutes are so obscure that many attorneys do not know they exist. These statutes are enacted in order to help convicted felons, and persons who have criminal records, get back into the workforce and lead productive lives. Without such protections, it would be virtually impossible for many of these persons to find or hold onto employment.

If you were discharged or refused employment based upon the results of a criminal background check, you may have a case. Please contact us to find out for sure at 1-800-346-6726, ext. 1.

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